Timeless: An Exhibition Catalog Exploring 4D Space Naomi Scully

ISBN: 9781466247697

Published: May 1st 2011


90 pages


Timeless: An Exhibition Catalog Exploring 4D Space  by  Naomi Scully

Timeless: An Exhibition Catalog Exploring 4D Space by Naomi Scully
May 1st 2011 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 90 pages | ISBN: 9781466247697 | 4.80 Mb

Take a trip with the TIMEless curatorial team in time through space through this exhibition catalog. Interactive architecture is more than cinema, more than architecture- it is architectural new media. The exhibit features over 100 works from award winning designers, architects, filmmakers, artists and musicians, including ten commissioned interactive installations. Design critic and planner Sam Hall Kaplan adds that at last architecture is shown in a new and exciting perspective, as a place in time: it is really the way we experience architecture, temporal and temporary.

The curators express that the questions are more important than the answers- we explore immersive environments and connect them to the 20th century lineage of architecture and film. Participating artist F. Myles Sciotto describes the exhibit as highlighting projects that blur the threshold of spatial and temporal constructions. Film has influenced architecture since the dawn of the modern era. The creative process for entertainment as well as spaces for life and work share common ground. Perhaps film influences the profession of architecture through its speculative spaces which are removed from the constraints of reality.

These instances serve as inspiration in the creation of the architecture of tomorrow. Participants Alan Abdulkader Allison Newmeyer, Urbana, Illinois Amy Shea Aaron LeGandre, Phoenix, Arizona Benjamin Ball Ben Brooksby, Provo, Utah Jakob + Mcfarlane, Paris, France Canon Design, Andrew King Studio with Angela Silver, Ontario Canada Candas Sisman, Istanbul Turkey Carlos Barbosa, Miami, Florida Che-Wei Wang, New York, New York Clara Lee Christian Pongratz, Lubbock, Texas. Coy Howard, Los Angeles, California Craig Hodgetts, Los Angeles, California Daniel Herren, Bern, Switzerland David Pandam Hertz, Los Angeles, California Dimitri Kim, Los Angeles, California Dorsey Dunn, Los Angeles, California Dr.

Michael Arbib, Los Angeles, California F. Myles Sciotto, Los Angeles, California Jason Lee Bruns, Los Angeles, California Jay Malloy, Los Angeles, California Jeff Gauthier, Claremont, California Jeff Hall, Los Angeles, California Joanna Cheung + Gabriel Noguez, Santa Monica, California Johannas Knoops, New York New York Joseph Kaufman, New York Joseph Rosa, Ann Arbor, Michagin Katharine OMalley Ken Saylor, New York, New York Jimmy Luu Kyle von Hasseln, Los Angeles, California Kenny McNett, Santa Monica, California Manuel Colon-Amador Marcos Novak, Los Angeles, California Martha Howe, Santa Monica, California Martin Roy Mervel, Los Angeles, California Matei Denes Foxlin (Michael A.

Fox), Pamona, California Michele Saee, Paris, Los Anegles, Bejing Naomi Scully, Los Angeles, California Patti Oleon, San Fransisco, California Ralph Spencer Steenblik, Vienna, Austria Robert Ivanov, New York, New York Robert Trempe, Philadelphia, Pennsilvania Roberto Prado, Santa Monica, California Robin Nanney & Christopher Norman, Los Angeles, California Scott Chambliss Sevak Petrosian, Burbank, Califonia Shamsul Kamal Akmal Stephen Mitchell Steve Curcuru Steven Suchman, Santa Monica Stewart Hicks, Urbana, Illinois Syd Mead, Pasadena, California Taiki Sugita Tim Durfee, Pasadena, California Toby Corbett Curators Ralph Spencer Steenblik Martin Roy Mervel AIA Catalog Editor Naomi Scully Curatorial Team Naomi Scully Tiffany Shaw Collings Chris Martin Adriana McElwain Henry Dominguez Taylor J.

Hayes Luis Orozco Alison Pinsler Christian Contreras

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