Mending Souls Marquaylla Lorette


Published: August 11th 2014

Kindle Edition

102 pages


Mending Souls  by  Marquaylla Lorette

Mending Souls by Marquaylla Lorette
August 11th 2014 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 102 pages | ISBN: | 7.15 Mb

Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content – MF.In book two of the Team Black Series: On the outside, Joey Johnson is the jokester everyone wants to be around, and every woman’s fantasy, but it’s all just a façade. An elaborate way to cover up the chaos that has been his life since he was a child, he never knew when the other shoe was going to drop while living with his parents. When they died, the weight on his shoulders seemed to lift and he didn’t know whether to be hurt or grateful by their deaths.

But living with his parents’ drug addictions for years and seeing their deaths, and the string of foster homes he and his twin brother bounced around from—left Joey a shell of the man he could be. One who to protect everyone’s secrets even though they are eating him alive.

One who hides behind his jokes and devilishly good looks, but there is one person who sees the hurt lingering in his eyes as he tries to cover with his smiles, enough it makes her heart melt.Alice Gise’s soul shattered into a million pieces, leaving her with more sorrow than she knew what to do with. She feels guilty for being the lone survivor of the house fire, which took her parents and destroyed the carefree girl she once was. She spent the years since her parents’ death with her head stuck in a book trying to make them proud of her, by finishing high school by the age of sixteen then following in her parents’ career path, she soon learns trying to please ghosts was no way to live.

Now she has to reevaluate her life and figure out who she really is when she steps from behind her parents’ shadows.Joey and Alice both have trouble with who they want to be and the person they let the world see. But neither of them can hide their true self from the other, so they make excuses to keep the other at a distance.

And though Joey would die before letting harm come to Alice, hes not sure hes strong enough to let her in, until someone from Alice’s parents’ past comes after her.Can Joey and Alice learn to lean on each other when it counts?

Will Joey be able to fend off those lurking in the dark with his Navy EOD training to save Alice’s life?

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